All MaxxStick Pro Keyboard Joysticks Shipped After January 1, 2024 Have Our Newest Plug-and-Play Firmware Preinstalled.

Having Problems With Your Joystick?


Welcome to the MaxxStick troubleshooting guide! This is your handy resource for solving any issues you might encounter with your MaxxStick. We’ve made things simple and easy, so you’ll be back to gaming in no time. Let’s get started!

Setup Issues

Welcome to the Setup Troubleshooting section! Here, we address common setup issues that users might encounter with the MaxxStick Keyboard Joystick. We understand that setup challenges can be a stumbling block to your gaming adventures, and we’re dedicated to providing quick and easy solutions. This section offers comprehensive solutions to common setup problems.

In all likelihood, the app is already running. During the installation of the app, you were asked whether you would like the app to open at windows startup. The app does not have a windows (i.e. a graphical user interface). It simply sits in the tray icons. The only form of control it provides is through the menu when you click on it.

The MaxxStick app scans your PC for the hardware ID’s of the MaxxStick. If it doesn’t find them, it will let you know that it’s not detected. This can be caused by two factors:

  1. Try a new USB cable. If your cable is damaged, it may not show the MaxxStick as connected.
  2. Ensure you are using the app that works with the firmware you have loaded.


If you upgraded your R3 to Firmware V2.1, you MUST use the MaxxStick app V4 or higher. If you are on FW 1.8, use the app V3.

Physical Issues

Welcome to the Physical Troubleshooting section! Here we address physical issues related to the MaxxStick Keyboard Joystick. Our aim is to quickly resolve hardware problems that can disrupt your gaming. Let’s work together to ensure optimal device performance.

Your thumbstick has likely been pulled up and is rubbing against the joystick surround. Simply push it down into place.

We offer replacement parts for purchase for existing owners of the MaxxStick. If you can show the MaxxStick was damaged from shipping or is less than 30 days after receiving your unit, we will provide replacement components at no cost. Please fill in our technical support page. 

Movement Issues

Welcome to the Movement Troubleshooting section! This is your dedicated resource for resolving common movement-related issues experienced with the MaxxStick Keyboard Joystick. Let’s navigate through these solutions together and get you back in the game.

  1. Make sure you have the newest firmware.
  2. You need to ensure you have calibrated the MaxxStick. Our newest firmware will store calibration data, but if the data was not clean, you will end up with movement issues. Simply read how to calibrate the MaxxStick on our setup page.

Game Issues

Welcome to the Game Issues Troubleshooting section! Here, we’re focused on helping you resolve common game-specific challenges you may encounter with the MaxxStick Keyboard Joystick.

Many cases of this can be attributed to two possibilities.

  1. There is an issue with a loose connection with the USB cable. We suggest trying a different USB cable.
  2. Depending on the peripherals in your system, you may be overloading the USB port group that the MaxxStick is plugged into.

We suggest rearranging what you have plugged into your USB port groups such that the MaxxStick is not plugged into a group of high-power USB devices.

Almost all games have their default movement keys mapped to the WASD. But we purposely chose to have the keyboard within the MaxxStick actuate the arrow keys. If your hands are resting on WASD and those keys continue to be used for movement, the MaxxStick would be redundant. Instead, we think you should utilize your fingers for other useful actions in the game while your thumb controls your movement.

This all means that you will need to go into your games keyboard settings and map movement binds to the arrow keys. All PC games let you remap keybinds, and it generally takes 30 seconds or less to do. While in the settings, you can also bind actions you like to do often to the WASD keys. 

Fortnite Issues

Welcome to the Fortnite Troubleshooting section! Here, we tackle common issues faced by Fortnite players using the MaxxStick Keyboard Joystick. We understand that encountering problems during your gaming session can be frustrating, and we’re committed to getting you back to your Battle Royale matches as quickly as possible. This section provides straightforward solutions to frequent Fortnite problems, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.

  1. Make sure that the MaxxStick is in Xinput Mode. Switch modes to Xinput.
  2. Make sure that you have gone to Fortnite settings and enabled “Lock Input As Mouse” and disabled “Ignore Gamepad”
  3. Follow our Fortnite troubleshooting video

This is “normal.” Epic made “lock input as mouse” work in-game but did not extend that to menus. The flashing will not stop you from accessing or controlling the inventory menu.

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