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How-to-guide for Fortnite

Setup your Keyboard Joystick for Fortnite

We’ve been hard at work to make sure that our joystick works with as many games as possible. Find out how to make your Maxxstick keyboard joystick compatible with Fortnite. 

How to set up your keyboard joystick for Fortnite

Watch our video to learn how to set up your keyboard joystick for Fortnite. 

Detailed Instructions.

How to setup your keyboard joystick for Fortnite

Are you struggling to set up your keyboard joystick in Fortnite? Oddly enough, Fortnite controller support has more nuance than you would think. But after watching the video above and reading our brief step-by-step article, you will be off to the races. Let’s get started.

The most common question that our team at MaxxStick gets asked, is a variation of the following: 

“I’ve set up the MaxxStick keyboard joystick using your quick installer, and I see that the joystick is providing input to Windows. But when I load up Fortnite, it just doesn’t do anything. What gives?”

Simple Keyboard Joystick Setup Solution

Fortnite is very picky when it comes to different controllers, so you need to make sure that the right controller is active and in the right place. 

  • Fortnite simply won’t allow multiple controllers to be used. If it registers another active controller, it may default to that, which might not be the MaxxStick keyboard joystick. 
  • Even if no other controller is plugged in, you need to make sure that the MaxxStick is in the slot that Fortnite is using, generally player 1. 

Step-by-step Instructions to set up your keyboard joystick for Fortnite

  1. Start gamepad tester in Chrome. open a Chrome browser and go to The Gamepad Tester may not work correctly on any other browser except Chrome.
  2. Check if Gamepad Tester sees any other controllers. If you do have another controller showing, you need to correct this. 
    1. In the video above, we show an example of having 2 different controllers. That’s not good. I know the second controller is my Wooting keyboard. So I need to disable the gamepad created by the Wooting. To do that, go to Wootility, Settings, and Set it to No Gamepad.
  3. If no other controller is plugged in, but the controller created by the MaxxStick App is in a slot other than Player 1, you will need to reboot your pc. This should put the controller created by the MaxxStick app in the player one slot.

To confirm whether Fortnite has picked up the MaxxStick keyboard joystick, you don’t need to enter a game. On Fortnite’s home screen, if you do some circles with the joystick, you should see that the on-screen options flash to controller buttons (A, B, etc.). If nothing happens when you do some circles, that means Fortnite did not register the MaxxStick as the controller. 

If you have any other questions about setting up your keyboard joystick for fortnite, please don’t hesitate to check out our setup page for more details. 

Happy gaming!