All MaxxStick Pro Keyboard Joysticks Shipped After January 1, 2024 Have Our Newest Plug-and-Play Firmware Preinstalled.

Joystick Compatible Games

Game Compatibility

We’ve been hard at work to make sure that our joystick works with as many games as possible. Find out if our MaxxStick keyboard joystick is compatible with the most popular games!

Most Popular Compatible PC Games

Game360° MovementKeyboard Movement OnlyNotes
Apex LegendsYes 
Ark: Survival EvolvedYes 
Assassin's Creed MirageYes 
Assassin's Creed OdysseyYes 
Baldur's Gate 3YesWorks with mod. Search "Baldur's Gate 3 WASD Character Movement Mod"
Call of Duty Warzone 2.0Yes 
Cyberpunk 2077YesFully Compatible with Driving Mode Enabled
Divine Knock OutYes 
Fall GuysYes 
Fallout 4YesFully Compatible with Driving Mode Enabled (Mod Required)
The FinalsYes
FortniteYes76-Degree Movement Lock available
Grand Theft Auto VYesFully Compatible with Driving Mode Enabled
Hades 2*Yes 
Hogwarts LegacyYes
Horizon Zero DawnYes 
Mass Effect Legendary EditionYes 
Naraka: BladepointYes
Rainbow Six SiegeYes 
Rise of the Tomb RaiderYes 
The Elden RingYes 
Wolfenstein II: The New CollosusYes 
World of WarcraftYesFully Compatible with console command
* Customer Provided Data

Share Your Experience

If you use the MaxxStick with a game currently not on our compatibility list, we would love to know! We ask that take a few seconds to fill in our form so that other users can get to know what an amazing experience you are having with your favorite game.