All MaxxStick Pro Keyboard Joysticks Shipped After January 1, 2024 Have Our Newest Plug-and-Play Firmware Preinstalled.

MaxxStick Keyboard Joystick

Game Movement

360° Movement Keyboard Joystick

GMK Joystick Vs MaxxStick Joystick

Movement Matters

360 CONTROLLER Movement
For Keyboard Players

Our MaxxStick keyboard joystick is designed with gaming in mind, allowing you to use your keyboard to its fullest. 360° analog movement with keyboard and mouse. Learn more about how you can improve your game with our latest and most advanced keyboard joystick yet. 

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Angled or Straight?

Ergonomic Options​

See which MaxxStick is right for you. The S3 Pro has an angled joystick while the R3 Pro has a straight joystick. Available now in black and white.

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Next Level Control

Web Configuration

Take full control of your movement through our web configurator. Our team developed a next level web interface so you can make all the adjustments you need to win. When you find movement perfection, the settings are saved onboard your MaxxStick so you never have to set it again.

Our Maxx Utility is compatible with our new Plug-and-Play Firmware. Older firmware is need to access our older configurator.

gaming mod kits joystick vs maxxstick keyboard with joystick

See our Keyboard Joystick in Action

Content creator Showcase

Made for PC Gaming


Here is our partner Ken Beans when he introduced our first production-ready keyboard joystick. See how our joysticks can elevate your gameplay. Click, watch, and step into the future of gaming control.


See which MaxxStick is right for you

MaxxStick S3 Pro & R3 Pro

Pro Specifications

Ergonomics: The R3 Pro and S3 Pro include a memory foam wrist rest. Choose your joystick angle: straight for R3 Pro or slanted for S3 Pro. Forward direction adjustable online.
Anti-Slip Design: Full-bottom silicone pad plus wrist rest for stable keyboard placement.
Polling Rate: Default 1000Hz, adjustable to 500Hz, 250Hz, or 100Hz using the configurator tool.
Plug and Play: Works with Windows app; free upgrade available to unlock full plug-and-play functionality.
Configuration Options: Full online customization including deadzone, jitter, polling rate, and more.
Operating Modes: Versatile modes: Xinput, Keyboard, and DirectInput for various gaming needs.

Available in Black and In White

MaxxStick LE

LE Specifications

Ergonomics: Smaller form factor, no wrist rest. Slanted joystick angle with adjustable forward direction on the device.
Anti-Slip Design: Large tongue under keyboard and silicone pads for stability with keyboard weight.
Polling Rate: Fixed at 500Hz for consistent response.
Plug and Play: Immediately plug-and-play, recognized as an Xinput controller on Windows.
Configuration Options: Simplified setup with onboard button for forward direction and Fortnite movement lock settings.
Operating Modes: Fixed to Xinput mode, compatible with many modern games.

Available in Black and in White

See What others Say

Our Customer Feedback

Amazon Customer 2023
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Had a smile on my face for the first 2 hours learning my new key binds in Fortnite. This opens up so many new possibilities and optimal keybinds. Honestly when you think about it it's insane that we are still using WASD for movement in 2023. Why use 4 keys to move when you can use 1 more effectively with your thumb? This is the future of PC gaming, I don't care what anyone says. May take 5-10 years, but this will catch on and WASD will go away. Might as well get ahead of the curve with the best PC joystick out there."
Ken Beans
Youtuber/Fortnite Pro
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Been using the maxxstick for a few months now and when it comes to joysticks on the gaming space. This is by far the best I have seen. Easiest to set up, not clunky, and amazing software so that it always stays on when I start my pc. I've talked to the guy in charge of making a lot. Man is a wizard at what he does.
Amazon Customer 2023
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I managed to find this MaxxStick and it is a game changer! The movement is so much better, and your hand positioning feels a lot more natural once you get used to it, So happy with the product great materials used, better quality overall and another personal touch. I do like they have firmware updates with it so it keeps up to date with Fortnite especially!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the MaxxStick work with the Sony PS5 and PS4?
The PS5 and PS4 is not supported because Sony’s PlayStation software will not allow two keyboards to be used simultaneously (i.e. your keyboard and the MaxxStick in keyboard mode). It’s an entirely arbitrary decision by Sony that makes it not possible to use the MaxxStick.
Can I use the MaxxStick with my Xbox?

For Xbox, the MaxxStick R3 and S3 have limited compatibility by switching into keyboard mode. I.e. you will get D-pad style movement experience in those games that support keyboard and mouse. We’ve only tested this on Xbox Series S and X and have not tested it with any other product. 

Not all Xbox games support keyboard and mouse.

What games does the keyboard joystick work with?

The keyboard joystick is available on all your favourite games such as Fortnite. Click here to see a list of all of the compatible games with our joystick. 

How long does it take to ship?

For the MaxxStick LE, available exclusively on Amazon, shipping times can vary based on your location. Please refer to the Amazon listing for specific shipping details and estimated delivery times to your address.

As for our MaxxStick Pro series, available on our website, we offer international shipping with a streamlined process. To find out the shipping duration, simply select your location during checkout. Our platform will provide an estimated delivery timeframe, ensuring you know exactly when to expect your advanced joystick.

Whether you choose the LE from Amazon or the Pro series from our website, we ensure a smooth and timely delivery for your gaming needs.

Where can I buy the MaxxStick joystick?

The MaxxStick LE is exclusively available on Amazon, offering a convenient and straightforward purchasing process. For those interested in our Pro series, which includes customizable options, you can make your purchase directly through our official website. Whether you’re looking for the ease of the LE or the advanced features of the Pro series, both options are readily accessible for gamers worldwide.

What are the differences between the LE and the Pro?

The MaxxStick LE is a plug-and-play joystick designed for simplicity and ease of use, available exclusively on Amazon. It’s perfect for gamers who want straightforward functionality without the need for customization.

In contrast, our Pro series joysticks, which includes the S3 Pro and R3 Pro, offers advanced features such as 360° analog movement, a special Fortnite mode, and 8-way directional movement. The Pro series is uniquely customizable via the MaxxStick Web Utility App, offers firmware upgrades, and features premium joystick modules and materials. These models are ideal for gamers who seek a tailored experience and are sold exclusively on our website.

To learn more about which joystick is best for you, see our keyboard joystick comparison page.

How much does the keyboard joystick cost?

The MaxxStick LE, our user-friendly, plug-and-play keyboard joystick, is exclusively available on As for our customizable Pro series, you can find these advanced models directly on our website. Prices for the MaxxStick LE start at a competitive rate, offering exceptional value for a streamlined gaming experience. The Pro series, known for its customizable features and unique designs, begins at just $59.99 USD. Whether you choose the simplicity of the LE or the versatility of the Pro series, MaxxStick ensures a premium gaming experience at an affordable price. Visit for the LE model or our website for the Pro series to explore options and pricing.

What are the differences between the MaxxStick and the GMK Joystick (Gaming Mod Kits)

The MaxxStick offers the following differences. The MaxxStick is fully plug-and-play. This means that you do not need to install any additional software to make it work. The MaxxStick thumbstick button is active. Finally, the MaxxStick is available for purchase in two angles so you can decide which option is right for your play style.