All MaxxStick Pro Keyboard Joysticks Shipped After January 1, 2024 Have Our Newest Plug-and-Play Firmware Preinstalled.

Setting up your joystick

First Time Setup: MaxxStick R2

We are incredibly thankful for your purchase of our MaxxStick R2 keyboard joystick. Please follow the instructions on this website to make your first-time set up as easy as possible. 

Supercharge Your R2 with Our R2.5 Upgrade Kit

R2 owners have the option to upgrade their MaxxSticks to R2.5

Designed to inject the power of R3 into your R2 keyboard joystick, this kit is a game changer.This kit will give you 1000Hz polling, built-in keyboard modes, and access to our new amazing web configurator.

Read our post here and watch our video to see more.

Unboxing the MaxxStick 360° Movement Controller

Unboxing the Maxxstick 360° Movement Joystick. Here is what's included in the box when you purchase it from Amazon or our website.

How To Setup Your MaxxStick R2 Joystick


Unbox Your Joystick

Our Canadian minions have worked hard to make a well-packaged and beautiful joystick just for you.


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Run all-in-one Installer

Our installer takes care of all the heavy lifting to get you up and running. It will install our latest firmware, the custom MaxxStick app and all the drivers needed.

All-in-One Installer

Click the button to download the latest version of our all-in-one MaxxStick R2 app installer.

Features of the MaxxStick App

  • 360-Degree Movement

    Allows thousands of different games to recognize and accept input from the MaxxStick.

  • User Adjustable Options

    Fine-tune the ergonomics and how the joystick operates for your favourite games.

  • Lightweight

    This tiny app sips resources so you can be sure you are getting the most out of your joystick.

Discussion of MaxxStick App Features

Updated Dec 2, 2022.

How To Use the MaxxStick with All Games that Don't Support Simultaneous Controller + KB/M

Best Keyboard Setup: MaxxStick Joystick

Learn how to optimally set up your keyboard with the Maxxstick Joystick, so you have the best grip for your gameplay.

How to Fix "Stick Drift"

Getting the MaxxStick Working in Fortnite

Here is the steps and checks to take if you can not get movement working in Fortnite.

Still struggling with your joystick?

Do NOT return to Amazon.

If you face any problems with your MaxxStick, DO NOT return it to your retailer. Our knowledgeable team is here to help. Get assistance for your purchase through the support page of our website.